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A “Dos and Don’ts” Guide for When It’s Laundry Day

by Waverly Wilde

From the way you wash delicates to the way you put clothes in the dryer, you’ll want to follow this guide on the right ways to do your laundry.

DO Wash Delicates Inside Out

Your delicates should be treated with the utmost care, which means turning them inside out before gently tossing them into the washing machine. When you wash your delicates right side out, they can rub against your other garments which causes pilling and tearing—especially if anything were to snag on another piece of clothing. Inside-out washing is a safe way to protect your delicates from any damage.

DO Wash Your Appliances

Just because your washer and dryer can clean your clothes, it doesn’t mean they can clean themselves! Make sure to wipe down your washing machine and dryer thoroughly every couple of months to keep them void of bacteria—but also in better condition so that they last longer.

DO Shake Clothes Out Before Transferring to Dryer

Girl unhappily ironing a shirt

If you tend to transfer your clothes from washer to dryer without even paying attention to the state that piece is in, then this tip is for you. Shake each article of clothing out so that you aren’t throwing clumps of clothes into your dryer. This allows your clothes to dry all the way through and also saves you from having to iron out the wrinkles.

DON’T Put Too Much in Washer and Dryer

Each garment needs room to circulate and when they’re squished between other clothes, there’s a good chance they won’t get the proper wash they need. Stuffing your washer and dryer is not only bad for your clothing, but it’s also bad for your machines! Make sure to check your washer and dryer’s manual on how much they can handle before trying to fit 2 weeks’ worth of laundry into 1 day.

DON’T Use Cheap Detergent

While we all love a good bargain, sometimes, going for the cheapest detergent is not worth it. Try out different kinds to see which you like best on your clothes. You could even try making your own from scratch! Find a DIY recipe you like to help keep your clothes fresher and the environment safer.

DON’T Leave Stains Sitting Too Long

woman holding a white shirt with stain

Stains only start to stain when they’ve been sitting too long. So, when a spill or accident happens it’s best to attack the mess immediately before it becomes your shirt’s newest tattoo. Rub the stain with a little dish soap and water before throwing it in for a quick wash.

You can’t avoid laundry day forever, but you can make it easier! Check out our washer and dryers and the innovative features they come with to make your laundry woes a thing of the past!